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Easy To Utilize User Interface Tsum Tsum

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In the listing that follows will show good friends and below each of their names, it will state which technique these friends added you. If you presented your Line ID in Reedit, they would certainly show up as “buddies [that] added you by your Line ID” will turn up. Click the add symbol to the right of their name to include them back if you want. Otherwise they simply continuously turn up as Unidentified in your inbox.

Most likely to the ellipses on the right side, and click on it

If you go away on vacation or have periods of time when you’re not going to be able to play the game or send hearts to your good friends, put “AWAY” or “VACAY” in front of your name in Line! This makes sure your friends does not block and remove you from their checklist, and thus when you can come back to the video game, you will still be able to get hearts from them. If you have a good friend on your Free Rubies list that is no more playing Tsum anymore, or are not sending you hearts anymore and you wish to eliminate them from your good friend’s checklist,