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Sightseeing excursion to Andhra Pradesh

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Andhra Pradesh has a handful of cities, abundant in cultural heritage as well as ethnic background. Every city is a treasure to numerous historic monuments, holy place, galleries as well as a lot more.


The “Pearl City” of Karnataka, Hyderabad is decorated with magnificent old structures, evident to mood of ancient Indian rulers. It provides an enticing amalgam of old globe appeal and also charm. The historical erections are integrated in Mughal, middle ages, Indo-Saracenic and colonial style of style. Behold the marvels like Charminar, Goconda Fort, Hussain Sagar and Mecca Masjid renowned for its magnificent architecture as well as detailed makings.


Warangal served as an ancient resources of Kakatiyas realm. The city is rich in antiques as well as vintages, witness to the wonderful past era. Warangal attracts a great deal of vacationers for its impressive holy places, attractive lakes, stunning old monuments and also wild animals havens rich in vegetation as well as fauna. Traveling Warangal to marvel the charm of architectural wonders like Warangal Fort, Thousand Column Temple as well as Bhadra Kali Holy place. The elegant architecture with intricate makings as well as gorgeous sculptures of these monoliths is worth praising.


The city has whole lot to provide the holiday-makers from hill terminals to valleys as well as ancient cave and lots of even more. The prime tourist attractions of Vishakhapatnam consists of Ramakrishna coastline, Indira Gandhi Zoological park, Rishikonda beach, Kali temple, Submarine gallery, Mudasarlova water works and park, Vishakha museum, Dolphin’s Nose, VUDA park as well as many more.


Positioned on the financial institutions of the Krishna river, Vijayawada is just one of the major tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh. The city is hub to numerous old erections, a specimen to architectural wonder. It is renowned for its distinct variety of mangoes as well as practice of pickle production. The most remarkable sightseeing of the city consists of Prakasam Battery, Hazrathbal Mosque, The Gandhi Stupa, Akkana & Madanna Caves, Mallaeswaraswam temple, Vijayeswara swami holy place, KanakaDurga temple, Undavalli caverns, Bhavani island, Mogalrajapuram caverns and a lot more.

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