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Checking For Corrlinks Video Service Application

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Corrlinks is offering a solution of Video chat with inmate using your computer. Its users don’t have to pay any kind of charges for this solution whereas inmates need to spend for video clip session. Corrlinks Video clip session requires you to have a most recent operating system and web browsers such as Windows 8 or 7, Firefox or Google chrome additionally download and install and configure application of video.


Being a customer’s you can sign up for video session for optimum thirty min but before beginning a video clip session you have to verify routine and get and invite from the prisoner. Corrlinks Video clip Application is utilized to interact with the system of inmates for the exchange of both audio and video call.In this short article , ou will familiarize regarding the best ways to install video solution, configure and test network connectivity, Speakers, Webcam, Microphone and web transmission capacity to start video session.

Install Corrlinks Video Service
  • Visit Video clip Arrangement page and review End Customer License Agreement carefully after then click the check box classified as “I approve the Video clip EULA”.
  • Click button noted as “Download and install Video clip Application”
  • A pop-up home window will be shown up to verify that either you are interested to download and install Video clip service or otherwise. If yes click button of “Run” resultantly process of downloading and install would begin.
  • After completion of downloading process click the check box “I Agree to the License terms and conditions”
  • Click on the button labeled as “Install”.
  • Click the button of “Close”.

Checking For Corrlinks Video Service Application

Now you need to wait for as much as thirty minutes to end up the process of installment. On conclusion you will obtain a message of “Setup Successful”. Configure & examination network connectivity, Audio speakers, and Webcam, Microphone and internet transmission capacity.

You could just accept the invitation of a video clip from the prisoner when you have actually downloaded and configured the video application. Corrlinks login page Video Application is used to interact with the system of inmates for the exchange of both audios and video clip call.